Bell Labs Science Kits (cardiac)
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CARDIAC (cardboard illustrative aid to computation) illustrates the operation of a computer without actually being a computer.  It is a very practical aid to understanding computers and computer programming.


This learning aid and book kit was sent to me by Morgan Bright.  The two photos below show the inside of the interactive learning aid:


This learning aid came with a 50+ page book covering topics such as  Basic Units of a Simple Computer, Flow Charts, Loops, Instructions, Data, Addresses, Multiplication, Shifting Digits, Bootstraps, Subroutines, Assemblers and Compilers.


There are photos of the "Punched Card" and the "Punched Card Reader" machine and a high-speed printer in the book.  The basics of computers haven't changed since this learning aid was made available by the Bell System and it could still be used by beginning students to understand the very basics of computers and programming.


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