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  Western Electric Products- Model 1500 and 2500 Telephone
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 Western Electric Model 1500 and 2500 Telephone


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Model 2500 From David Massey's personal collection.


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The Western Electric model 1500 series (introduced in late 1963 or 1964) was the first touch-tone desk phone made by Western Electric and was the touch-tone replacement for the model 500 rotary dial model and the compliment of the 1554 touch-tone wall model.  It had only 10 buttons on the dial pad (the "asterick" and "pound" symbol buttons did not exist).

Northern Electric (the Bell Canada equivalent of Western Electric)
produced a 1500 model using a 500 housing and circular adapter
plate for the dial. "The Northern Electric version (1967) is even rarer
than the WE 1500, as it was identical to the prototype developed

in the States in the early 1960s (with the circular 500-like housing)".

Photo courtesy of Mimmo.

The 1500 was later replaced by the model 2500 (12-button model) around 1967.  I have a generic clear plastic housing that I placed over a Western Electric chassis and handset components as seen HERE.

Contents of this page:

  • Schematics (only a few have been scanned and made available so far):


2500D - Click on either GIF format or PDF format
2500DM, and 2500DMG

2502B, 2502BM, and 2502BMG
2510F, 2510FM, and 2510FMG
2511F, 2511H, and 2511HM
2515B, 2515BM, and 2515BMG

2500M, 2500MM (or 2500MM in PDF format), and 2500MMG
2500S and 2500SM
2500Y, 2500YM, and 2500YMG
25148, 2514BM, and 2514BMG
2526BM (part 1) (part 2)

Avayaź 2500-MMGN Traditional Desk Phone and Avayaź 2500-YMGP Feature Desk Phone



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