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  Western Electric Products- Model 1554 and 2554 Telephone
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 Western Electric Model 1554 and 2554 Telephone


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Model 2554 From David Massey's personal collection.
Chrome-plated metal handset hang-up hook.


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The Western Electric model 1554 was the first touch-tone wall phone made by Western Electric and only had ten buttons (the "asterisk" and "pound" symbol keys were not present).  It was the touch-tone replacement for the model 544 rotary dial model and the compliment of the 1500 touch-tone desk set model.  From what I have been able to find out, it was first introduced in late 1963 or 1964

Soon the 2554 (the 12-button model like you see today and in the photo above) began it's debut around 1967.

The 1554 and 2554 started out with a chrome-plated metal hang-up bracket but was later replaced with a matching color plastic bracket in the early 1980's.  I have an original 2554 made in 1982 (see photo above) that has the chrome bracket.  I was the first and only owner and the date codes match on all parts so I know it was not a refurbished unit.

When the Bell System came to an end at the end of 1983 there was no more incentive to build phones that lasted 50+ years so they started cutting costs anywhere they could and plastic was cheaper than metal.  My guess is they went to the plastic hang-up bracket in or shortly after 1983.

Contents of this page:

  • Schematics:

2554B, 2554BM, 2554BMP, and 2554BMPG

2555B (or 2555B in PDF format), 2555BM, 2555BMP, and 2555BMPG
2558D, 2558DM, and 2558DMG

  • Photos

  1. Plastic housing mounting screws locations  - To locate these two screws, carefully remove the clear plastic phone number cover strip and the cardboard/paper phone number strip to expose the screws.

  2. View of phone after cover is removed

  3. Close-up view of 4228 network external wiring

  4. Side-views of phone - Left side - Right side

  5. Touch-tone Dial removed to show line connector and bell coil cover.

  6. Handset connector wiring

  7. Photo of special wall jack  showing where the mounting studs or post are located that mounts the 2554 and other wall phone models to the wall plate.

  8. Photo of back of 2554 showing modular plug location.

  9. Close-up photo of modular plug that is an integral part of the 2554 phone.

  10. Photo of back of 2554 showing locations of mounting slots that slide over the wall plate studs to secure phone.

Avayaź 2554-MMGN Traditional Wall Phone and Avayaź 2554-YMGP Feature Wall Phone



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